AgendaRSE International was established in 2010 when Wayne Visser came to Argentine. Many visionary professionals have passed through our hub, leaving a bit of themselves behind. We are proud of the community they helped build and continue to sustain through their  support.


AgendaRSE International is accredited by the level of studies of their professionals.


Our vision is to regenerate the human system for economic, social and environmental sustainability through the expansion of consciousness applied to innovation.


Promote socially responsible leaders with a healthy leadership through the expansion of consciousness to generate prosperous and sustainable innovations.


  • HEALTH, to have a physical and mental state that enables to do what one wants.
  • FAMILY, spend quality of time with family, promoting strong relationships, supporting the development of all its members.
  • SPIRITUALITY, living according to your religious or mystical beliefs satisfied and at peace with yourself.
  • FRIENDS, to have a circle of friends that enjoy being, accompanying each other in good and bad times.
  • INTEGRITY, to be honest and telling the truth to yourself.
  • HONESTY, to be honest and tell the truth to the other.
  • RESPECT, for yourself first and any kind of other diversity.
  • HAPPINESS, contribute to one and  others wellness.
  • LIBERTY, to have autonomy to do things in your time and not to be tied to the rules of the organizational structure.
  • CREATIVITY, enjoy the ability to express your ideas in an imaginative and original way. Generate new ways of solving problems.
  • MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, have a positive economic impact on others and make a difference in what we do.
  • SERVICE, to support and help others, contributing to their well-being and improving the whole society.
  • TRANSPARENCY, be accountable and avoid any kind of corruption and inappropriate behaviour.
  • AUTHENTICITY, tell the truth, accept responsibility for our feelings and behaviors, be sincere and coherent with ourselves and with others​.​ Document or certify as true or safe.